The legalization of marijuana is moving forward and picking up steam when the president openly admits that cannabis is not as dangerous as alcohol.

When faced with these types of questions in front of an informed public, our federal representatives risk looking like jack asses if they let their biases lead to uninformed responses. DEA Chief, Michelle Leonhart, has already been labeled as a jack ass for her inability to admit that cannabis is less dangerous than heroin.

The argument of cannabis vs alcohol is another landslide victory; for anyone keeping score cannabis is safer than alcohol, cigarettes and…oh yea, heroin.

5 Ways Alcohol is More Dangerous Than Cannabis

Ever since Reefer Madness, myths and rumors about the negative health effects of marijuana have crowded out actual scientific evidence about pot.

But new research is telling us that marijuana use is actually much healthier and better for your body than alcohol consumption!

alcohol vs cannabis

alcohol vs marijuana


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