We’ve featured one part of this series before, but now it’s time for the rest of the animated shorts.

The Zen series is animated by Matt Stone & Trey Parker and combined with transcendent audio taken from Alan Watts lectures.

The wisdom in Alan’s words shines through brightly as the audio is enhanced by the accompanying animation.

Alan Watts – Zen Series

I just want you to enjoy a point of view, which I enjoy. – Alan Watts

Alan Watts – The Myth of Myself (“Appling”)

You cannot get an intelligent organism such as a human being, out of an unintelligent universe. – Alan Watts

Alan Watts – Prickles and Goo

This natural universe is neither prickles nor goo exclusively, it’s gooey prickles and prickly goo! – Alan Watts

alan_watts-prickles and goo - Zen Series

Alan Watts – Madness

Both poetry and music lead us to the understanding of what this world is all about, which is, is a dance, a rhythm. – Alan Watts

madness - Zen Series

Alan Watts – I or Ego

I’ve always been tremendously interested in what people mean by the word “I”, because it comes out in curious lapses of speech. – Alan Watts

Zen Series - Don't ask, it just makes sense


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