Daniele Bolelli is a professor that emphasis engagement and humor in his teachings, endearing himself to creative stoners who can’t tolerate stale lectures. Most people know Bruce Lee for his movies, but Bolelli, like many thinkers, is influenced by Lee’s philosophy on development and potential:

Styles, according to Bruce Lee, limit the tools available to martial artists and restrict their freedom. Styles, with all their traditions, rigid rules and methodologies, are ideological prisons where innovation and experimentation are not welcome.

“Art lives where absolute freedom is, because where it is not, there can be no creativity.”

“Man, the living, creating individual, is always more important than any established style.”

– Bruce Lee

What Lee suggested instead was a process of constant personal research. Rather than entrusting oneself to prepackaged conclusions, Lee openly advocated for the necessity to create one’s own path.


Every individual is unique, he reasoned. Therefore it is suicidal to follow another person’s method and path. His approach was as simple as it was effective:

1. Research your own experience.

2. Absorb what is useful.

3. Reject what is useless.

4. Add what is specifically your own

In these words, Lee distilled an incredible dose of bravery and intellectual honesty to be applied to the martial arts, knowledge in general, and to life itself.

> Bruce Lee: Courage of a New Path | Datsusara


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