This infographic shows the differences between humans and animals along with the traits we share with other animals: tool use, long term memory, counting, self awareness, culture, emotions, complex communication, and sense of humor. We may value ourselves above all other species on the planet but we are actually not all that different.


  1. The infographic is good but needs some corrections:

    (1) What is the animal whose sounds travel 1800 km?

    (2) Lifespam? Am I reading that right?

    (3) For Lifespan (with an N), some Anoxycalyx joubini specimens are thought to be much older than 4 centuries – though recent evidence suggests they may grow in spurts, then see no growth at all for decades, centuries, or even millennia.

    (4) It might also be worth noting that besides long distance running, humans are very good at throwing objects at a target. I’m not sure if anything else matches us. Our capacity for long distance running is also linked to our ability to shed heat, which may have other benefits.


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