Graham Hancock explores the shamanistic use of psychedelics that create a state of being which brings us a greater understanding of our true nature and the nature of consciousness; in order to harmoniously balance our Earthly existence within the universe.

The War on Consciousness – Graham Hancock Notable Excerpts

Another universal experience of Ayahuasca is the encounter with seemingly intelligent entities which communicate with us telepathically, now I’m making no claim one way or another as to the reality status of these entities we encounter. Simply that phenomenologically in the Ayahuasca experience they are encountered by people all over the world and most frequently of all, the spirit of Ayahuasca herself; Mother Ayahuasca, who is a healer. And although she’s kinda the mother goddess of the planet. She seems to take a direct personal interest in us as individuals. To heal our ills, to want us to be the best we can possibly be, to correct errors and mistakes in our behaviors that may be leading us down the wrong path.

Ayahuasca has been fantastically successful at getting people off harmful addictions to hard drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Jacques Mabbit at the Takiwasi Clinic a in Peru brings heroin and cocaine addicts out there for a month. Gives them 12 Ayahuasca sessions and they have encounters with Mother Ayahuasca during those sessions that lead them not to wish to take heroin up again anymore and more than half of them leave completely free of their addiction never return to it and don’t even have withdrawal symptoms. And the same incredible healing work was being done in Canada by Dr. Gabor Maté until the Canadian government stopped and intervened his healing practice on the grounds that Ayahuasca itself was an illegal drug.

What is death? Our materialist science reduces everything to matter. Materialist science in the West says that we are just meat. We’re just our bodies. When the brain is dead that’s the end of consciousness there is no life after death, there is no soul, we just rot and are gone. But actually many honest scientists should admit that consciousness is the greatest mystery of science.

This is the paradigm of all spiritual traditions; that we are immortal souls, temporarily incarnated in these physical forms to learn and to grow and to develop.

Let’s not forget that Ayahuasca is not alone. That it’s part of an ancient worldwide system of the targeted, careful, responsible alteration of consciousness. It’s recently been shown by scholars that the Kykeon used in the Eleusian Mysteries in Ancient Greece was almost certainly a psychedelic brew. The Soma of the Vedas may have been a brew based off of the amanita muscaria mushroom. We have the DMT in The ancient Egyptian Tree of Life. We have the whole global cultures of surviving shamanism and what it’s all about is a state of consciousness that’s designed to help us find balance harmony, the Ancient Egyptians would have called it Ma’at, with the universe and to remain mindful that what we’re here to undertake on Earth while immersed in matter is fundamentally a spiritual journey aimed at the growth and perfection of the soul. A journey that may go back to the very origin to what made us human in the first place.

If we as adults are not allowed to make sovereign decisions about what to experience with our own consciousness, while doing no harm to others. Including the decision to use, responsibly, ancient and sacred visionary plants then we cannot claim to be free in any way.



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