More public figures like award winning journalist Amber Lyon are needed to explain the positive benefits of psychedelic medicines. The masses will listen to a voice that shared their same doubts.

Amber wrote a very personal detailed account of how a period of psychedelic experiences healed her anxiety and PTSD, here are our favorite excerpts:

Why I Chose Psychedelic Drugs Medicines


I was made aware of the potential healing powers of psychedelics as a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast in October 2012.   Joe told me psychedelic mushrooms transformed his life and had the potential to change the course of humanity for the better. My initial reaction was one of amusement and somewhat disbelief, but the seed was planted.

Psychedelics were an odd choice for someone like me.  I grew up in the Midwest and was fed 30 years of propaganda explaining how horrible these substances were for my health.   You can imagine my jaw-dropping surprise when, after the Rogan podcast, I found articles on the prodigious effects of these substances that behave more like medicines than drugs. 

Articles like this onethis this, and this.… all gut-wrenching examples of how we’ve been misled by authorities who classify psychedelics as schedule 1 narcotics that have ‘no medicinal value’ despite dozens of scientific studies proving otherwise.

Psychedelics are not the be-all and end-all.  For me, they were the key that opened the door to healing.  I still have to work to maintain the healing with the use of floatation tanks, meditation, and yoga.  For psychedelics to be effective, it’s essential they are taken with the right mindset in a quiet, relaxed setting conducive to healing, and that all potential prescription drug interactions are carefully researched. It can be fatal if Ayahuasca is mixed with prescription antidepressants.

The Creation of Reset.me


This very world that glamorizes war, violence, commercialism, environmental destruction, and suffering has outlawed some of the most profound keys to inner peace. 

The War on Drugs is not based on science.  If it was, two of the most deadly drugs on earth-alcohol and tobacco- would be illegal.  Those suffering from trauma have become victims of this failed war and have lost one of the most effective ways to heal.

Humanity has gone mad as a result.

We live in a world full of wounds and when left untreated, they’re unceremoniously handed from one generation to the next, so the cycle of trauma continues in all its destructive brutality.

But there’s hope. We can transform the course of humanity by collectively purging our grief and healing at the individual level, with the help of psychedelic medicines.  Once we collectively heal at the individual level, we will see dramatic positive transformation in society as a whole.

I founded the website reset.me, to produce and aggregate journalism on consciousness, natural medicines, and therapies.  Psychedelic explorer Terrence McKenna compared taking psychedelics to hitting the ‘reset button’ on your internal hard drive, clearing out the junk, and starting over.  I created reset.me to help connect those who need to hit the ‘reset button’ in life with journalism covering the tools that enable us to heal.

It’s a human rights crisis psychedelics are not accessible to the general population It’s insane that governments worldwide have outlawed the very medicines that can emancipate our souls from suffering.

How Psychedelics Saved My Life | Reset.me


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