Back in 1974 Jacque Fresco was told he was a man before his time. Observe this Larry King interview and see for yourself. See that he is not a man before his time but a man trying to change the social culture of his time (and for good reason).

This is a new science: socio-cyberneering. And this is its inventor, the extraordinary Jacque Fresco. He’s my guest this weekend on News Weekend. My guest is an extraordinary Miamian: Dr. Jacque Fresco. I could go through all the things that Dr. Fresco has done. He’s a social engineer, industrial engineer, designer, inventor, was a consultant for Rotorcraft Helicopter, Director of Scientific Research Laboratories, Los Angeles, designed and copyrighted various items, ranging from drafting instruments to X-ray units, has had works published in the Architectural Record, Popular Mechanics, Saturday Review, and has been a technical and psychological consultant to the motion picture industry, member of the Air Force design and development unit at Wright Field, developed the electrostatic anti-icing systems, designed prefabricated aluminum houses.


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