From The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast #144 – Eddie Bravo

Joe Rogan on “Pot Head Losers” and Weed as a Bullshit Detector

Yeah, it could fuck up your life. People can smoke pot and become losers. But guess what? They would have become losers anyway. It’s like what you’re saying is, the lazy people with no ambition who aren’t that bright, pot gets a hold of them and it’s gonna fuck up their lives. But guess what? Their lives are already fucked up. You come to certain roadblocks or certain things in your life where you have to make decisions about your behavior and where you have to reassess yourself. If you can’t get through the weed hurdle, how the fuck are you going to deal with the real world? Because weed to me is the truth. When I smoke pot, I can say a lot of silly shit and get weird and start talking about the universe but what it is to me is the truth. Anything that’s bullshit, anything that’s a lie, anything that’s misleading is glaring when you’re high. Acting is glaring. If you see a movie high with bad actors, it’s glaring. If you see a political speech high, it’s glaring. You feel the bullshit. People get the wrong impression. It’s really a shame, it’s not that everyone has to do it. But you shouldn’t get upset when someone is telling you an honest interpretation of the positive experiences they have when they’re high.

Eddie Bravo on the Anti Marijuana Propaganda Tone Shift

Any negative thought you have about weed, it stems from the propaganda from the 30s. (Reefer Madness) There’s many movies you can watch on Youtube to see where the propaganda all started. The reason they stopped saying that it makes you go crazy, jump out of windows, and kill people is because people got hip to it. They believed it in the 30s and 40s but then the people who were smoking weed in the 50s and 60s realized that it wasn’t making them crazy and it’s actually pretty cool so they had to change their stance. Slowly it evolved from “weed kills you” to “weed makes you worthless”. Any negative thought you have for marijuana, it’s because we’ve all been brainwashed. I used to be the biggest weed hater ever until I was 28. I couldn’t stand pot heads, they made me sick. Every band I was in had one or two potheads. When they’d fuck up on stage or rehearsal, I would blame the weed. I’d get angry “Dude, are you fucken high? You can’t fucken play bass and smoke weed”. But every now and then I would be talked into smoking weed and I’d get paranoid and hate it. What happens when you’re high is it is roaring river of information that’s just flooded into your brain. Some people don’t want to ride those roaring rapids, they want to stay in the tent. Some people ride it to absorb that energy and use it for their benefit

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