Cannabis is illegal because of the economical effects it would have on cigarette sales, alcohol sales and as a viable alternative for many pharmaceutical drugs. Hemp is also useful for paper production and in the textile industry. Joe Rogan also explains the purpose of DMT, “the spirit molecule” that acts as a gateway to other realms of reality.

Hemp Became an Economic Threat to Various Industries

William Randolph Hearst who owned all these newspapers and paper mills, it was going to cost him millions of dollars to convert over to hemp. So instead he started printing stories in his paper about some new drug called “marijuana”. Marijuana wasn’t even a slang term for cannabis yet, it was used to describe a Mexican wild tobacco, completely unrelated. They got it illegal by saying people are smoking it, blacks and Mexicans are raping white women. Congress outlawed this new drug “Marijuana”, with no idea that they were outlawing hemp, which had been in use for thousands of years.

DMT, Psychedelics Isolates the Mind From Cultural Conditioning

It’s not about something that kills you. You won’t be able to absorb propaganda the way you do now. You won’t be able to look at the news the way you do now. You won’t be able to look at common cultural conditioning and predetermined patterns of behavior. None of that no longer makes sense after you’ve gone through a psychedelic experience. Any psychedelic experience is like pressing CTRL ALT DELETE on your brain.


  1. They’ve known about it since 1960…..pffff……and the rest. The Pope has a staf with a Pine cone on top symbolising the PINEal gland…..Our pineal Gland also has retina cells


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