Getting baked doesn’t create positive or paranoid emotions, it just enhances whatever mood you’re in. If you have issues that you refuse to deal with, you might want to avoid marijuana, because it will bring them to the surface.

Being paranoid is a good thing. The experience of being paranoid when you smoke weed is to get you to look at yourself. It’s to get you to look at life. You’re not always looking at it as clearly as you could. Those jolts of perception you misinterpret as paranoia, what you’re really doing is just dealing with information that’s already there. – Joe Rogan



  1. My alternate viewpoint: People say that cannabis should be illegal because some users get paranoid. Much of the paranoia focuses on getting in trouble for using or possessing cannabis. So if cannabis was legal, would people still be getting paranoid all the time? My guess is: probably much less so.


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