Joe Rogan delivers an important message about uplifting society to a higher consciousness that can see through the illusions that divide us.

Artificial Boundaries Are Used to Manipulate the Uninformed

We all have this desire to have someone lead us. We all have this feeling where we need someone smarter, wiser to represent us. The problem is really dumb people have a say too and they’re subject to a lot of tricks. They’re subject to nationalism, they’re subject to these ridiculous rah rah America speeches that don’t say jack shit. They say nothing, it’s all just this fucken cheerleading event. They can’t help it, they’re dumb, they don’t know that they’re being bullshited. They grew up with dumb people, they go to work with dumb people, there’s no one in their family that’s interesting or asks any questions at all, and they just get sucked in right into it.

The Sacrifice of Many for the Pleasure of the Few

This society is so greedy, we’re willing to go to war. We’re willing to go places and send these big metal machines that kill people and fuck people up just so we can make more money. And the way our society is set up, I’ve heard it argued, and argued successfully that our society runs on war. It runs on the domination of other parts of the world. Literally, that’s how they control a large chunk of the world, they have to keep everyone down.


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