Joe Rogan speaks on what the mind goes through in a sensory deprivation tank and the awesome potential you can achieve with one.

The first 20 minutes for me at least is sort of like a seminar on my life. It shows me all that the different issues in my life that I don’t like and that I need to fix, things that are bothering me, things about my own behavior that could have been better, and things where I disappointed myself

Then it will show me some things where I’m on the right track, this is good, continue here, continue doing this, continue thinking like this, continuing explore these ideas but then once it gets ME done, it’s like let’s clear all this bullshit in your life, let’s think about the big picture.

And then it’s pure thought, it’s like the mind completely untethered from the body and then I start contemplating everything, I start contemplating the universe, the role of human beings and each individual’s actions all accumulating to one specific event, I start thinking all kinds of crazy shit but without the body in the way.

Check out Intro to the Isolation Tank (Floatation Sensory Deprivation) for our post on the development of the tank and how you can try out the experience.


  1. How many times you been in the tank. Sounds like you are able to just get in, and everything starts working.

    • I have been in the tank 3 times, it isn’t an instant experience if you have no prior exposure to meditation or psychedelics. The hardest part is letting go and releasing your mind from the usual clutter. It takes practice but once you get past that initial stage, the tank feels like meditation in another dimension. 
      Try to find a place like the Float Lab in Venice Beach, they’ll answer all your questions beforehand and even let you stay longer in the tank if there isn’t anyone waiting after you.


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