John-Lennon-quotes-watercolorWatercolor by Stefan Kuhn

John Lennon quotes get to the heart of the matter like an arrow from Apollo’s bow; precise and piercing, provoking the inner depths of our minds into expansion.


John-Lennon-quotes-enjoyDo what you love and you will love your life.

Summing Up Life

John-Lennon-quotes-count-friendsFocus on what’s positive in your life.


John-Lennon-quotes_5Let your love flow freely.

Lost in Translation

LennonDo not use God to divide the masses. United God smiles upon us all.


Lennon_3Happiness is a choice. Choose to be happy and your life will align with that choice.


Lennon_7Be true to yourself.


John Lennon - Quote 9Get in touch with your inner most desires and move towards them.

God and Pain

John Lennon - Quote 8When you speak to and seek out God, focus on what you’re searching for; you’ll find all the answers are inside waiting for you.

What a World…

John Lennon - QuoteLive, laugh and love openly.

The End

John Lennon - Quote 10


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