Jon Stewart devoted two segments on The Daily Show to Colorado legalizing cannabis, and to the cable news (mostly Fox) freakout over said legalization.

Stewart took on the new rules and regulations surrounding the marijuana laws, and in particular set his sights on Bill O’Reilly and his “old timey Americana restoration hour.”

Stupid Stoners, You Should Get Drunk!

Jon Stewart made the point that pot is far less harmful than alcohol, yet far from condemning it like they do pot, cable news personalities celebrate alcohol and openly talk about getting drunk!

Cannabis is as Dangerous as Guns?

Jon Stewart took on Bill O’Reilly’s assertion that pot-smoking is “literally Russian roulette,” which is true, except for the fact that guns “must never be criminalized and restricted in any way ever.”

Stewart also took on O’Reilly’s bizarre connection between pot-smoking and texting and why both are just so horrible for young people.

Please Drink Responsibly – A Message from South Park


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