Life is a beautiful thing, if you want it to be.

Taking an active role in the way we define our experiences allows more opportunities for growth; to be in an unusual situation, to overcome a new challenge or to create a work of art that sparks your imagination.

Kubrick’s answer is flawlessly expressed in Gavin Aung Than’s story panels. Each image underscoring his powerful message.

Stanley Kubrick Zenpencils

Kubrick is often described as an eccentric thanks to the stories about his obsessive attention to detail, treatment of actors, personality quirks and reclusiveness.

But these anecdotes are overshadowed by his ground-breaking movies, technical expertise and the opinions of those close to him, who described him as a warm, loving and gregarious genius of a man.

The quote used in the comic is taken from a 1968 Playboy interview Kubrick did soon after the release of 2001: A Space Odyssey. – Zen Pencils


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