Manly P. Hall became sufficiently known and respected in the 1920s as a lecturer and interpreter of the writings of ancient philosophy. In this speech about love, he focuses on how the ego tricks the individual into thinking that love is a scarce feeling that must be guarded and kept away from each other.

Manly P. Hall – The Struggle Between Love and the Ego Speech Transcript

We’ve been trying to find out what love is but we will never get it ,by trying to get a definition out of a book, or something of that kind.

The only way that honest, simple genuine Love can be transmitted is by EXPERIENCE, by the ABSOLUTE FACT OF ITSELF.

Are we able to be kind to each other?

Are we able to forgive our enemies ?

Are we able to do good to those who despotically use us ?

Are we able to continue quietly in a meek way of life ?

Are we interested in the simple humilities of virtue ?

Do we want a happiness that arises from making other people happy? Rather than sacrificing them to our happiness ?

Do we want a happy home? Are we willing to support it by character and by integrities?

LOVE IS an experience in consciousness, an experience in The Soul of Man, it is something that is a great releasing power , against the tyranny of personal Attitudes.

LOVE is placing something bigger than yourself, in the foreground of your life.

It is dedicating your acts to projects, purposes and convictions that are of common good to all mankind.

Love is a mature emotion, it is not the mysterious bubbling of adolescence.

It is a deep, lasting, and enduring dedication. Love is not merely staying with it till it hurts..and then walking out on it.

Love is not getting into various emotional situations, for profit, for gain,or for social standing.

There can NO selfishness and self centeredness in true affection.

Also LOVE cannot be bought, bartered or sold. It remains as it has always been, basically, the purest of ALL human emotions.

And if it becomes adulterated or defiled, it is one of the most terrible adversities, with which we then must struggle, during the course of our existence.

Between our Love Principles in our souls, and in life, there exists a strange personality equation. Full of self centeredness, full of ambition, full of prejudices, tyrannies and intemperances and intolerances.

This ‘personality’ which we like to cater to (Hall pauses) …forever…is not just a personality that brings tragedy to ourselves… but the compound of this personality has been responsible for over 8000 wars throughout the course of history..and rather too many.

And many of these wars have been fought to “Defend The Peace”?

We have fought also about religion and against the very brotherhood we need so desperately.

And yet, after it’s all said and done. we say “Well what can we do about it?”

It is truly a terrible situation, and if we continue as it is, it will be A FATAL SITUATION.

So that we are going to have to realize and recognize, that all compromising that we do, in order to accomplish our own personal desires, all of this compromise leads to nothing.

Compromise has never succeed and never can.

All this great struggle of competitive materialism ends at the grave.

And we take with us, out of this life, only what we brought in, ourselves.

So with this, it shouldn’t be too difficult for an individual to say to himself

“Lets make this daily life a little happier for EVERYONE ..Lets TRY to do it RIGHT for a change”


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