As much stoners as would like to ignore it, the thought of marijuana negatively affecting their lungs can sometimes be worrisome. Using a vaporizer regularly will put you on the safe side but all that smoke from other methods has to fuck you up right? A 20 year long study comparing the lung functions of marijuana and tobacco smokers produced some good news

The analyses showed pot didn’t appear to harm lung function, but cigarettes did.¬†Cigarette smokers’ test scores worsened steadily during the study. Smoking marijuana as often as one joint daily for seven years, or one joint weekly for 20 years was not linked with worse scores. Very few study participants smoked more often than that.

Too much of anything can be destructive, you just have to be aware of your body and your habits. Don’t expect to have super lungs if you smoke 20 blunts a day.

> Marijuana Doesn’t Harm Lung Functions, study found | Yahoo News


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