Jacque Fresco of the Venus Project gives a talk on how the monetary system prevents society from progressing into the future. 

Connection with Nature is the Most Important Human Relationship

All people would be trained or educated to understand our relationship to nature. If you violate that relationship, it won’t work. All man made laws are artificial. We have to study our relationship with nature:

If we damage the air, we damage ourselves.

If we damage the oceans, we damage ourselves.

If we cut down the forests, we damage our ability to maintain health.

Profits of Corruption and War

As long as the monetary system survives, you’re going to have problems. Money, yes it does produce incentive. It also produces incentive for corruption, embezzlement, taking care of your friends, and taking care of yourself.

When people seek advantage by money, you can’t have a decent world. When you have wars and people make billions of dollars off submarines and aircraft carriers, then war becomes a terrific business.

A Future Without Waste

People would study whatever they want. There would art centers, music centers, cultural centers open to everyone, without a price tag. There would be:

No Banks

No Investment Brokers

No Advertising

No Commercials

No Armies

No Navies

No Prisons

No Police

When people have access to the necessities of life, they do not steal.

If you don’t understand, imagine people living near a big water fall with lots of fresh water. No one comes at night to steal water.


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