Erin of RT’s Boom and Bust brings you Peter Joseph, a filmmaker and founder of the Zeitgeist Movement.

Joseph believes that our current system is unsustainable, and he explains how the Zeitgeist Movement’s approach can improve the economy and society.

How would a non monetary society be more sustainable?

Because it would be based on actual technical premises of sustainability, things that we don’t do in the monetary system because market needs turnover. Market needs inefficiency. If you want to have a very robust market economy, you need an immense amount of things to service.

I’ll give you an example, cancer. If we’re able to resolve cancer, if we’re able to actually go after lifestyle factors, the genetic propensities, and stop this massive growth of cancer which is continuing on this planet, there would be billions if not trillions and millions of jobs lost tomorrow if this actual resolution was put forward.



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