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Matrix Philosophy – Return to the Source Documentary (Video)

A documentary on the philosophy referenced in the Matrix Trilogy.

Alan Watts Discusses Nothingness (Video)

There is no mirror, and the nature of the mind is intrinsically void.

Marijuana Doesn’t Harm Lungs?

A study examines marijuana's effect on lungs.

Joe Rogan on the Marijuana and Paranoia Relationship (Video)

Is it the weed or is it you? Find out why being paranoid can be a good thing.

Father Uses Medical Marijuana To Fight Son’s Brain Cancer (Video)

Medical Marijuana helps baby fight brain cancer.

The Fluoride Deception Animation (Video)

Why is a toxic chemical allowed in our water supply?

Terence McKenna – Reclaim your Mind (Video)

McKenna rants on cultural mind control.

How Drugs Helped Invent The Internet – Jason Silva Interview (Video)

Technological progress is giving humans the control to direct their own evolution.

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