Neil deGrasse Tyson explained the relaunch of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, a series meant to promote science literacy and discussion about our place in the universe. During a segment about the Big Bang (16:46), Tyson disputed the notion that religion and science could coexist when trying to understand the nature of existence:

Moyers: Do you give people who make this case, that that was the beginning and that there had to be something that provoked the beginning, do you give them an A at least for trying to reconcile faith and reason?

Tyson: I don’t think they’re reconcilable.

Moyers: What do you mean?

Tyson: Well, so let me say that differently. All efforts that have been invested by brilliant people of the past have failed at that exercise. They just fail. And so I don’t, the track record is so poor that going forward, I have essentially zero confidence, near zero confidence, that there will be fruitful things to emerge from the effort to reconcile them.

So, for example, if you knew nothing about science, and you read, say, the Bible, the Old Testament, which in Genesis, is an account of nature, that’s what that is, and I said to you, give me your description of the natural world based only on this, you would say the world was created in six days, and that stars are just little points of light much lesser than the sun. And that in fact, they can fall out of the sky, right, because that’s what happens during the Revelation.

You know, one of the signs that the second coming, is that the stars will fall out of the sky and land on Earth. To even write that means you don’t know what those things are. You have no concept of what the actual universe is. So everybody who tried to make proclamations about the physical universe based on Bible passages got the wrong answer.

So what happened was, when science discovers things, and you want to stay religious, or you want to continue to believe that the Bible is unerring, what you would do is you would say, “Well, let me go back to the Bible and reinterpret it.” Then you’d say things like, “Oh, well they didn’t really mean that literally. They meant that figuratively.”

So, this whole sort of reinterpretation of the, how figurative the poetic passages of the Bible are came after science showed that this is not how things unfolded. And so the educated religious people are perfectly fine with that. It’s the fundamentalists who want to say that the Bible is the literally, literal truth of God, that and want to see the Bible as a science textbook, who are knocking on the science doors of the schools, trying to put that content in the science room. Enlightened religious people are not behaving that way. So saying that science is cool, we’re good with that, and use the Bible for, to get your spiritual enlightenment and your emotional fulfillment.



  1. I love to hear Neil speak. He is so engaging and offers one pause to think. In regard to any comment that religion does not agree with science, that phrase has been stated for years and as it was argued, different opinions were spoken.

    What if I said as an example, in fact they say the same exact thing. Oh I know as it is stated now one would not see that. Mostly I would say the science guys were more accurate but in reality have no REAL knowledge of what Biblical matters actually say. And I will say with certainty the religious guys are so far off the mark in their own studies, I wont listen to a word they say.

    Here is a fact. The first two lines in Genesis say exactly what the science guys say. The earth and people were here BEFORE Adam and Eve and the fact you dont know that only means your studies are not what they should be. I will comment on the direct matters herein, but you will see me elaborate too as to how misunderstandings of what scriptures say occur in many areas. I will prove my comments as we go.

    As long as we are discussing Genesis, now might be an appropriate time to look at creation.

    We have seen, and can certainly research for ourselves, that scientists do agree that recorded history began 6000 years ago in the Tigris-Euphrates river valley of Mesopotamia. This is the exact time period the Bible opens. We have seen a possible solution as to the name of the mystery river head (Nile) originally called Hapi, and that the shift of Tetonic plates, perhaps later than reasoned, did change the course of the Nile, and eradicate two rivers. But we are still left with the fact that a fossil record exists depicting an earth before this 6000 year creation period. Do the scriptures break down at this point? It is here that the religious minds, and the minds of science have bitterly fought. You might notice I did not use the word “Theologian”. That would be because theos means god which means demon. And after this point of a Genesis study, I will prove that Yahweh has never identified Himself as a god. (demon)

    In the KJV bible we read; “In the beginning (Yahweh) created the heavens and earth. And the earth was without form, and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep.”

    I ask you to notice two things. The first is that due to instruction given in Joshua. 23:6-7. I will not utter or invoke the names or titles of pagan deities unless I need to use them to explain to the reader, (see this verse)

    The second point is the word “was” in line two of the quoted verse, is in italics in the KJV. The KJV tells us that the words seen to be in italics, are added for sentence clarity. As I examine an NIV bible, I see that “was” has a notation on it suggesting this word may have been “became”. And if you will look, there are many other bible versions that suggest the word “was” is actually “became”. If this is accurate, it changes the meaning of the first two sentences of Genesis 1.

    Watch as we translate the active words in this verse into Hebrew.

    The very first sentence tells us the heavens and earth, have been created. They are done!
    If we look in an NIV, the first word of the second sentence is “Now”. This word denotes a place in time, it is “now”. The heavens and earth are created, “Now the earth “became” without form and void…” If it became that, it was not
    that before. “Now” is a point in time that came AFTER creation. It said so.

    “Without” is word no. 8414 in Strong’s Hebrew dictionary. It is the word “tohuw”
    (to’-hoo) from an unused root to mean, “to lie waste, a desolation (of surface), i.e. desert, a worthless thing, confusion, empty place, without form, nothing, waste, wilderness.

    “Form” is also word no. 8414.

    “Void” is word no. 922 and is the Hebrew word “bohuw” (bo-hoo) which
    means “to be empty, an undistinguishable ruin, emptiness, void.”

    What we witness here is that the earth “became” all these things described. In that before this time, it was none of these descriptions prior. If the earth became a wasteland and confusion, it must have been the opposite before. In fact, it must have existed before this 6000 year creation! On top of this explanation, if confusion came, someone had to be there to be confused. We read of confusion before we read of Adam coming into existence. This makes perfect sense.

    “And darkness was upon the face of the deep.” Before we define “darkness and “deep”, we should describe and define “light”, as darkness is the absence of light. The scriptural definition of “light” can be seen in many places. Ephesians 5:9 tells us “the fruit of light consists of righteousness.” Well I suppose we should have an accurate definition of “righteousness.”

    Righteousness is word no.6662 in Hebrew and 1342 in Greek Strong’s dictionary. In the Hebrew we see the word “tsaddiyq” (tsad-deek) it means “just, lawful, righteous.” Because all three of these English words means the same thing, we see that righteous, means lawful.

    At 1342 in Greek, we see the word “dikaios” (dik-ah-yos). It means, “holy, just, righteous”. Because all three of these words mean righteous, we can say that holy means lawful as well. If in both Greek and Hebrew we read the words
    “righteous and just” and we know that all words mean the same thing, we can properly say that righteous is holy is lawful. Rom. 7:12 tell us the law is holy. It is also easy to note both Hebrew and Greek language agree on the definitions of these words.

    If the fruit of light consists of righteousness, it is equal to say that light is law! Your Bible told you that as did two dictionaries.

    Prov. 6:23 advises, “The commandment is a lamp, and the law is light, and reproofs of instruction are the way to life.” The Hebrew word for instruction and law is Torah. Reproof means to correct, as in to reproof of a script. We are seeing the commands are showing us the way, and the law is the light that shows you, while being corrected in instruction will give you life.

    In the verse of Ephesians 5:8-11, we see that we are being told to become children of the (light) law! The Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible tells us under “light”, that light is law. Romans 8:4 tell us that righteousness is found in the law.

    Roman’s 2:26,
    all tell us righteousness is found only in the law. I have just named
    about five references which tell us succinctly, light is analogous of law.

    So as we read that the earth existed before 6000 years ago and “darkness was upon the face of the deep”, we might be getting a small peek that tells us that at one time before 6000 years ago, darkness, or lack of law caused the earth to “became” a wasteland. It brought confusion from the truth of
    the law, and it caused death and misery. In order to have death and misery, there must be life and a lack of misery, and surely someone was there to experience these concepts, It was not that before it became these things. Your bible is telling you the earth and people existed before Adam and Eve. It is concurring with what science is telling you, and it always has. The problem is people have been confused because they could not see the truth. Rom. 2:20 tells us, “the law is the truth.” Without the truth, confusion abounds. All of the bolded words in this paragraph are the literal English word translations of “darkness”. The Hebrew word is Choshek. Before Adam came, someone had to be there to experience these descriptions. The misery, death and confusion came from a lack of light, which is law. Someone trespassed and brought this lawlessness. The ancient cultures before Adam around the world said it was a serpent god. But then it said the same thing in Genesis too.

    Genesis 3:1-5 “And the serpent was more subtle (crafty) than any other beast of the field…And the serpent said to the woman…Yahweh knows that the day you eat of the tree you will be as the gods (elohiym/demons) knowing good and evil. (laws and lawlessness). Herein Satan described as a serpent, admits to being a god. Elohim/demon. Look it up! The same serpent god seen for
    thousands of years in other cultures of the Americas. This is the one that
    trespassed with darkness.

    In history of the fossil record, we are told up until l5,OOO years ago, Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal man were visible in the fossil record and had flourished 5000 years before that. And 15,000 years ago they just disappeared. While these were a form of a man species, they were not genetically linked to today’s man. I am going to suggest that the observation of 15,000 years may be off by 1000 years. I have no real proof other than to say that we do know neither of these separate species of man ever had a written language. Since recorded history does go back 6000 years, and because scripture absolutely concurs with science on time and location, I am suggesting that the mark of 15,000 years is off by 1000 years. Another way to support that view would be to define in scripture what darkness is. Because we have seen quite accurately that light is law and that darkness is the lack of same, let’s look up the word “darkness”.

    “Darkness” is word no. 2822 in Strong’s. It is the word “Choshek” (kho-shek) It means darkness, misery, destruction, death, ignorance sorrow, wickedness.

    In Strong’s Hebrew dictionary we see that “deep” Is word no. 8415. It is the word “tehowm” (teh-heme1) “an abyss,, as a surging mass of water)
    especially the deep (main sea or subterranean water-supply)”.

    While Adam has a meaning of first man, it does not mean first man of the whole wide world. In fact, the definition of Adam, tells you clearly what he looked like. But that is another study. Adam means, first man of Yahweh’s plan. The first man that would genetically lead the family line, leading to Yahshua Messiah. An unbroken family line of law keepers was groomed and bred in order to literally breed a man that would never violate the law as Hebrews 4:15 tells us. This same man became the one and only
    high priest according to the entire book of Hebrews. This process was a
    plan, and in another study, it could be shown this plan was devised long before the earth was created. This knowledge is scriptural. Yahshua was genetically bred to be the perfect righteous prodigy. Now it seems another portion of the plan is in action whereby a priesthood is being formed to be placed under Yahshua.

    It is clear that “darkness”, when manifest, describes quite accurately, the world without the law. Misery, sorrow, death, wickedness and ignorance
    are all conscious activities. Someone had to be there to experience death, sorrow, ignorance and misery! And we read that after the heavens and earth were already in existence, and darkness was upon the “deep”, it is being described that a surging mass of water came over the surface of the earth. This water is subterranean in origin, which if one will look, is the same type of flood that Noah experienced in his day some 1640 odd years later. There too, the water came when “the fountains of the deep broke open…”

    And so after Yahweh flooded the earth 6000 years ago to destroy what the gods had brought upon the earth in the ways of genetic breeding, He re-created it as seen in Genesis. And during Noah’s time years later, He put the exact same genetic line or family in the exact river valley it began from with Adam.

    Many years later, as Moses (Mosheh) spoke with Yahweh’s malak (messenger) on the mountain, Yahweh revealed His name to Mosheh. And it was at this time, Yahweh gave Mosheh the law in written form. Without alluding to the evidence now, scripture reveals the law was kept and taught beginning with Adam. In case anyone has forgot, there are 613 laws that can be seen in the first five books of the bible. All 613 were not developed until Mosheh, as the plan was still unfolding.

    If one were to read about the exodus from Egypt where the Hebrew people had been sent by Yahweh for 430 years, it was during this time the Hebrew people had been worshipping, which is to serve the Egyptian gods, (elohiym/demon) An examination will reveal these people were in the desert for sixty days when Yahweh handed down the law to Mosheh. Two moons after they left, the law was given.

    Under “Ten Commandments” in the Interpreter’s on page 569 of Vol.3 we read, “I am Yahweh who brought you out of Egypt…”

    In an English version bible at Exodus 20:3 you will read, “You will have no other gods before me” Upon reading this verse, a person might reason that Yahweh is claiming to be a “god” and that you are not to worship the lesser gods. At Psalm 82 Yahweh tells us that He will destroy all the gods! Is He a god too?

    In Strong’s Hebrew dictionary we see the word “other” as in “other gods” as word no.312. It is the word “acher” and means, from 309 “properly hinder, next, other, strange. “Hinder” and “be behind” is also seen at word no. 309. At 310 we see that “after”, and “behind” are listed as well.

    What Yahweh is saying is, “Do not have any “hinder” gods”. The gods you
    left behind in Egypt 60 days ago when you left Egypt. In the Interpreter’s we read under “Ten Commandments”,

    “The expression translated “before me” or “besides me” might better be rendered “in opposition to me.” And so what Yahweh is saying in full is,

    “You shall have no hinder gods, for they are in opposition to me.” Do not have the gods you left behind, for they are in opposition to me.

    This translation is quite accurate with this review as we have seen. For 430 years the Hebrew people have worshipped the demons of Egypt. And now Yahweh is telling man for all time, to leave them, and stay away from the gods they left behind. It was this mis-translation alone that caused men to believe Yahweh was a god. Yet without this mistranslation, and the misuse of His name and title of Father, nowhere in scripture has Yahweh identified Himself as a god! What I tell you herein is agreed upon by 200 Biblical universities around the world. The modern churches contradict without any evidence of language study.

    In Encyclopedia Americana, under “Jehovah”, we read that the name Jehovah is an erroneous name for the name Yahweh and the name Yahweh was taken out of the scriptures, being replaced with the words Adonai and Elohyim. Erroneous is the root of error. Jehovah is a mistake and Yahweh is correct.

    These words added of “Adonai” and “Elohyim” translate in English to lord and god as other references have shown us herein. The problem is, Adonai was only referred to as Baal and El is the father god of the Canaanite religion whose son was Baal. El is singular for Elohyim. These words were added with Yahweh’s name removed. Therefore, at no time in history did Yahweh ever say, “I am the lord your god.” My point is, even a non-religious household reference source agrees with what I have shown. A review from other sources is done now again, to make sure your brain is absorbing a thing that is opposite of what you were taught.

    Deut. 4:2
    is quite clear when it tells you not to add to the words he commands or take
    away from it. Within the article of a non-religious household encyclopedia we
    find that mankind did in fact take Yahweh’s name out and add the words lord and god. In so doing, anyone that agrees this concept is acceptable, is guilty of profaning Yahweh’s name. This is exactly the same as, to take His name in vain.

    Once again, profane is the Hebrew word Chalal. Chalal translates to profane, defile pollute, dissolve. Yahweh is a compound Hebrew name that is a phrase that offers identification as to the character of the owner of the name. Yahweh means, “I am what causes to be.” If you pollute the name, you have added some thing to it that is unclean. You have profaned the name! I would reason if you call him by the literal name of a demon, such as Baal (lord) or Elohyim (god), you have clearly profaned his name.

    If you do these things you have taken His name in vain. Vain is the root word for vanity. Both forms of this word mean, “worthless things”. You have taken His name and turned it to a worthless thing. YOU ARE GUILTY OF PROFANING HIS NAME AND TAKING IT IN VAIN! You have robbed and
    stolen from Yahweh the information He wanted mankind to have! If you teach this lie to anyone else, you are guilty of murder, as the Messiah himself told you that ALL those that practice lawlessness, will be removed from the kingdom and destroyed. Matt. 13::41-42 Yahweh will destroy them as per the law, but you will be guilty of sending them there. Do not teach your children lies, or they will die, unless of coarse the Messiah lied.

    Goddamn it! Are you listening?

    That was a test. Did I just profane His name?

    I did no such thing. I did not even use His name or title. As a matter of fact
    for all time, god did damn all things and Yahweh had nothing to do with it. The
    whole world profanes His name and is too ignorant to see. Do you?

    • So basically you are saying that this omnipotent God of the Abrahamic religions is a very incompetent communicator, right? He couldn’t come up with a better symbolic language to communicate what one would assume was important information than an archaic form of Hebrew?


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