Solar Roadways have successfully funded their IndieGogo campaign, raising 2 million dollars for their project. 

LEDs - white Solar Roadway

Solar Roadways Claims

– A Nationwide Solar Roadway System could produce more clean renewable energy than a country uses as a whole

– Heating elements to keep roads snow and ice free

– LEDs to make road lines and signage

– Attached cable corridor to store and treat stormwater & provide a “home” for power and data cables

– Electric Vehicles will be able to charge from parking lots and driveways after roadway is in place, mutual induction technology allowing for charging while driving.

They also claim roads will be smarter and safer as a whole.

Sandpoint Sidewalk - Solar Roadway

Safer Roads with Solar Roadways

It sounds too good to be true, and perhaps it is.

I’m a fan of hearing both sides of a story, and the video below takes a critical view of Solar Roadways and its claims.

Solar Roadways, an Expensive Joke?

I’m not sure if Solar Roadways are the answer to the many questions being asked of humanity, but there are a few things we know for sure.

We need new systems that are stable-state, self-sustaining  and will work in concert with the Earth to sustain and enrich its vast web of life.

It’s not too late, and ideas like this, if not perfect, are at least moving us in the right general direction. 

What do you think?

Downtown Sandpoint 2 - Solar Roadway


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