A clip from Terence Mckenna’s Under the Teaching Tree talk, about how cannabis compares to legal drugs such as caffeine, alcohol and tobacco.

Cannabis holds many benefits, not necessarily related to its properties as an intoxicant, but as a source of food, lubricants, plastics, fuels, etc. The reason the establishment is so hysterical on the subject of cannabis is because it erodes loyalty to the industrial state.

Why is caffeine enshrined in every labor contract negotiated in the western world as a sacred right for workers, twice daily?  And why is cannabis…you can lose your house, car, bank account, art collection simply because you have six plants in the backyard. Why this disparity?

Well what is the effect of caffeine? It makes it possible for you to perform your duty during the last 3 hours of the work cycle with efficiency equal to the first 3 hours of the work cycle. It allows people to tolerate spinning widgets until hell freezes over without a thought ever rising in their mind that maybe this is a ridiculous way to spend your life

Cannabis on the other hand, people aren’t so interested in going to work. They’d rather lay around and make love. They don’t want to watch TV, they’d rather smoke a doobie and have a conversation with a friend. In other words (cannabis) promotes activates that don’t make anyone any money and cause people to question the institutions and the social philosophies that are being shoved down their throats.



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