An artistic visual presentation of a Terence McKenna lecture that explores simulation theory and how code can be the language behind our DNA, space, time, matter, and energy.

Terence McKenna -DNA, Life Codes Lecture Excerpts

In other words, we have to begin to take seriously the consequences of generalizations like quantum connectivity. It’s one thing to bask in the overarching metaphor, which says that everything is connected to everything else. It’s quite another thing to say, and so then what are the consequences, for me, of this? The answer seems to me to be that the inside of our imagination, the inside of our heads really is the most vast frontier imaginable, and we must leave it for future generations figure out why an animal nervous system would evolve a propensity for accessing non-local data, in other words, quantum mechanically accessible data at a different level of the physics of things. 

What we have to grapple with is that it is so, that you have the Hubble telescope inside of you. You have inside of you an informational gathering instrument that can give you good intelligence about things so immeasurably distant from this point that to state it in numbers and units is meaningless. It’s just elsewhere; the elsewhere of the absolute infinite of the plenum of the imagination in which apparently beings rise and fall like plankton in the sea, and of course the psychedelics are the naturally evolved nano-machinery of the Gaian matrix that knits together this cosmic ecology, this system of living relationships.



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