Legalization of Marijuana took a step in the right direction as voters in Colorado and Washington have become the first states to legalize and regulate marijuana for recreational use. A huge victory for drug law reform advocates, and a massive win for everyone in general. The positive reaction on Twitter came from a diverse set of people, a good sign that cannabis is outgrowing the shackles of misinformation and propaganda.

Legalization of Marijuana Use Tweets

Joe Rogan, Comedian and UFC Announcer

Rashida Jones, Actress (Parks and Rec)

Kevin Smith, Director

Phil Plait, Astronomer

Big Boi, Rapper (Outkast)

Eddie Bravo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructor

Erik Griffin, Comedian and Actor (Workaholics)

Jason Silva, Futurist and Filmmaker

Kevin Pereira, Tech Host (Attack of the Show, Pointless)

Alchemist, Hip Hop Producer

George Lopez, Comedian and Talk Show Host

KT Tatara, Comedian

B-Real, Rapper (Cypress Hill)

Rob Van Dam, Pro Wrestler

Mike Epps, Comedian and Actor (Next Friday)

Rihanna, Pop Singer

Freddy Lockhart, Comedian

J.A. Adande, Sports Writer

Legalization of Marijuana


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