It’s almost too taboo to discuss: pregnant women smoking marijuana. It’s a dirty little secret for women, particularly during the harrowing first trimester, who turn to cannabis for relief from nausea and stress.


Pregnant women in Jamaica use marijuana regularly to relieve nausea, as well as to relieve stress and depression, often in the form of a tea or tonic.

In the late 1960s, grad student Melanie Dreher was chosen by her professors to perform an ethnographic study on marijuana use in Jamaica to observe and document its usage and its consequences among pregnant women.

Dreher studied 24 Jamaican infants exposed to marijuana prenatally and 20 infants that were not exposed. Her work evolved into the book Women and Cannabis: Medicine, Science and Sociology, part of which included her field studies.

Most North American studies have shown marijuana use can cause birth defects and developmental problems. Those studies did not isolate marijuana use, however, lumping cannabis with more destructive substances ranging from alcohol and tobacco to meth and heroin.

In Jamaica, Dreher found a culture that policed its own ganja intake and considers its use spiritual. For the herb’s impact when used during pregnancy, she handed over reports utilizing the Brazelton Scale, the highly recognized neonatal behavioral assessment that evaluates behavior.


The profile identifies the baby’s strengths, adaptive responses and possible vulnerabilities. The researchers continued to evaluate the children from the study up to 5 years old. The results showed no negative impact on the children, on the contrary they seemed to excel.

Plenty of people did not like that answer, particularly her funders, the National Institute on Drug Abuse. They did not continue to flip the bill for the study and did not readily release its results.

“March of Dimes was supportive,” Dreher says. “But it was clear that NIDA was not interested in continuing to fund a study that didn’t produce negative results. I was told not to resubmit. We missed an opportunity to follow the study through adolescence and through adulthood.”

Now dean of nursing at Rush University with degrees in nursing, anthropology and philosophy, plus a Ph.D. in anthropology from Columbia University, Dreher did not have experience with marijuana before she shipped off for Jamaica.

The now-marijuana advocate says that Raphael Mechoulam, the first person to isolate THC, should win a Pulitzer. Still, she understands that medical professionals shy from doing anything that might damage any support of their professionalism, despite marijuana’s proven medicinal effects, particularly for pregnant women.

Dr. Melanie Dreher’s study isn’t the first time Jamaican ganja smoking was subjected to a scientific study. One of the most exhausting studies is Ganja in Jamaica—A Medical Anthropological Study of Chronic Marijuana Use by Vera Rubin and Lambros Comitas, published in 1975. Unfortunately for the National Institute of Mental Health’s Center for Studies of Narcotic and Drug Abuse, the medical anthropological study concluded:

Despite its illegality, ganja use is pervasive, and duration and frequency are very high; it is smoked over a longer period in heavier quantities with greater THC potency than in the U.S. without deleterious social or psychological consequences [our emphasis].


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  1. Finally Some Truth! My wife has consumed canna for both of our children (during pregnancy/labour & breastfeeding)….and we have been able to notice the wonderful positive effects on both our children and my wife. When the woman is stress free, so are the babies…..

      • The son I smoked heavily with while pregnant is very well endowed. The sons I did not smoke with have average and small penises. Even so, I don’t believe cannabis consumption has anything to do with genital size. It’s genetics, mainly. I smoked heavily with the children I had hyperemesis with, and none at all with the two kids I didn’t have nausea with. Interestingly, the two kids I had hyperemesis with a dark haired and dark eyed, while the two kids I didn’t experience nausea with are fair haired and light eyed.

        • I wonder what the 37 people, who I’ve treated with cannabis oil think about the use of the word ‘bollocks’ or ‘all of this being untrue and holding zero merit’.

          See, out of those 37 people, 13 of them had Cancer – and 13 of them are now living way beyond the years they were told..

          This is all ‘bollocks and untrue’ to all people who have NEVER researched about cannabis – OR even tried treating yourselves.

          You still have your WILL – so go out and prove us truthers all wrong…

          otherwise – happy trolling! – (hope it give you back what you put out)

    • How long did your wife breastfeed yourr babies and was she smoking though out the whole breastfeeding? How often would she smoke? Was she smoking joints or using a vaporizor? How old are your children now??

      • Hi Caleen…

        My wife breastfed the little ones slightly over the 2yr mark….wanted to make sure the children got as much of what they needed!

        My wife smoked during her pregnancy, during labour & while breastfeeding. We ttok in our canna through joint, bongs & pipes.

        We just switched over to using a vaporizer last month! And I love it!

        Our children are 4 & 6 years of age. I’m a school teacher and I’ve noticed my children are picking up information at a much more rapid speed than many of the children I’ve been exposed to. It may have something to do with their endo-cannabinoid system getting what it needs.

        I’ve read, most likely, every book on the subject that’s out there….
        and we are designed to be consuming cannabis. Harvard professors have said that Cannabis is the key, and our brain is the padlock.

        There are no harmful effects of younger children being exposed to canna. I give my children canna oil when they are sick as well..

        It’s very sad though that people are being kept of this truth. That just goes to show you how well the system worked at switching our mindset.

        Also, I went to Jamaica years back, and I hung out in the forests/mountains of St. Anne, and each and every mother gives cannabis to their children during pregnancy & during breastfeeding. I then met with a doctor in the US who swore upon cannabis for pregnant mothers. He explained to me that it eliminated all stresses of the female – and if the body is void of stress, so will the child.

        please feel free to ask any other question about the subject!

        sending love vibes your way & get that canna inside you!


        • What are your views on a child exposed to cannabis during pregnancy/breastfeeding being more likely to struggle with depression, anxiety, mental illness when they are older. (late teens & going into their 20s & so on)?? This is my concern??

          • I truly don’t feel as though there will be any effects upon the child if they consume cannabis….


            What human beings choose to use(ex. pesticides) during the growth period of the plant & what people add to the medicine after it’s dried, I can never comment on. This is why I stress to know the source of your herb.

            My children have excellent eye contact. They read and write wonderfully, and they express themselves wonderfully as well.

            When my children get sick, they ask me for the oil.
            I place my daughter’s oil in a teaspoon of cashew butter and coconut oil mixed together – which she loves) The high fats allow it to get to work swiftly.

            Our bodies are designed for cannabis. We need cannabis. Based upon what I’ve seen and know, you’re going to have to place your hands on your gut, close your eyes, and ask your inner self to guide you on this one. I’m not sure if what I tell you will convince you that there’s nothing to worry about. I think you need to iron out all of your worries by watching documentaries & reading. That helped me and my wife out way back – (even though at that time there weren’t too many docs around)

            For documentary – Go to Youtube and look for ‘The Scientist’ & Dr Raphael Mechoulam who won the nobel peace prize for his studies on cannabis should be able to back up anything I say. – (if you need to contact him, I can help)
            For literature – get your hands on ‘The Pot Book’ – a great deal of my references and quotes come from this book

            Any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out my way!

          • CAn you please send me an email! I’ve been scouring the internet for answers for months and I seen your responses! You are the person I need to get in touch with! My email is

    • everyone….
      please respond to comments if you have spent a great deal of your life researching this topic….I say this with LOVE….because many people are coming here for TRUTH – so let’s only speak TRUTH…

      OK. So now that we’re back to truth…
      I consume Cannabis – ALWAYS.
      My wife, she has eaten & vaped cannabis while the kids were pregnant, and then afterwards, while she breastfed them for 2 years….(and obviously still does!)

      When my children are sick – (fever, virus…..anything) – we medicate with Cannabis Oil.

      My son’s penis is growing very normal. Both of my children are very in tune with their creativity & their emotions.

      A child will grow up to be a reflection of their environment.

      *IF* you know what I know… may end up kicking yourself in your behind when you discover the TRUTH that you could have helped your children through their illnesses.

      SO – here’s what to do:
      1. This is very important……watch the documentary – ‘The Scientist’ – it’s on YouTube. It’s about the grandfather of Cannabis research – he’s been administering it to children for decades…His name is Dr Rapahel Mechoulam – if you need his e-mail…..please let me know.

      2. Read the book – The Pot Book: A Complete Guide to Cannabis. It’ll take a while to get through this book – (almost 600 pages) – I’ve read it twice…’ll take a 2nd read to soak it all up.

      If you follow these steps….you’ll know what I know – and won’t stress anymore.

      I will say this though – try to find outdoor medicine that hasn’t been grown with sprays. I only feed my plants alkaline water mixed with urine – (It yields about 2.5x)

      ****Cannabis has NO harmful effect upon humanity. We were born with endo-cannabinoid receptors in our brain, and when cannabis enters our bodies, the cannabis is like the KEY, and our Brain is like the PADLOCK.

      I extend my love to you all – lets all help people remove the blindfolds, and lets all start medicating with what GAIA intended us to use..

      LOVE, Gratitude & Peaceful Vibrations

    • usually if a mom struggles with anxiety/stress, there may be a great chance that the children will be as well.
      cannabis is a great way for mother’s to calm and relax themselves – and its completely healthy to micro-dose children with cannabis as well.
      the best thing to do is make cannabis oil – I spent a month watching video’s and learned how to make small batches of the oil.

      if you need any help with this topic, don’t hold back. you’re speaking to someone who is a professional grower & healer and I have devoted such a great deal of time to studying this topic because it’s our God given right to know everything there is to know about this beautiful plant, and how we must live together with it!


      • Thank you for your knowledge. I’m currently pregnant and struggling with pain, anxiety and stress. I’m trying and hoping for a better way than all these pharmaceuticals they throw at me.

        • Hi Leigha…
          It’s my pleasure to help…I wish I could help in a larger capacity. Years back, I grew 67 plants, and I gave most of it away to people I knew needed it, and to many who could never access it..
          I’m hopeful that you’ll find some canna soon, not only for your well being, but also, for your baby’s well being. If momma is happy and stress free, so is the baby..

          take the pharma they throw at you and discard it all – it will harm you and your baby…
          My neighbour didn’t listen to my advice, and earlier this year she miscarried her baby (which still makes me teary eyed when I think about it); too many pills..

          I’m not sure where you live, but you may want to consider looking online to see if you can order any medicinal delectables or something you could vape.

          if anything else comes to mind, please don’t hesitate to reach out my way..
          I’m part of an underground network of healers that have shamanic knowledge, and we heal using the medicines of the earth, and we heal for free…so if you have a question/concern, there’s a pretty good chance I’ll be able to either answer it, or direct you towards the truth.

          may peace & love be with you, and may the canna gods bring you what your soul & baby need…


          • Christopher,

            It’s awesome reading your stuff and learning more about all this my boyfriend and I smoke all the time and we are thinking about have a baby someday I already have a son and I didn’t smoke with him I started smoking after and if I get pregnant I don’t want to stop smoking because it keeps be stress free and I love it help me sleep to I just don’t want it to hurt my baby I live in WV and it’s not legal here 🙁 so I can’t rly talk to my Dr about it but when I’m sick it helps me so much it’s amazing I’d like to get your email or something to message u so u can teach me more

          • Hi Christopher,

            Thanks so much for all of your wonderful words of wisdom! I have 2 questions: currently my husband and I are expecting our first little pumpkin and we live in a state that reports mothers whose children have THC in their systems to child protective services. This combined with the nature of what I do for a living is a huge problem because I use MMJ edibles to treat my anxiety and sciatica. What suggestions, if any do you have about how to deal with this?

            Also, do you know of any Shamans/healers in the state of Arizona who may be able to provide guidance to us during our pregnancy? Thanks so much! Much love, Goddess.

          • hello & sunshine…
            my apologies – I didn’t know that there were replies to my conversation thread…
            Unfortunately I’m currently not connected with any shamans in Arizona – It takes me a great deal of time to trust people who claim that they are shamans – usually a shaman will not ask for money, for they are too wise to involve themselves with money & finances….this is the primary reason I heal for free..
            I’m currently only connected with one shaman in Canada – near an aboriginal reserve in Algonquin Park – and I can only connect with him if I travel through 1.5 hrs of thick forest…

            I’m here if you still need some guidance…
            sending love

  2. I agree with “let’s speak truth”, however this IS the comment section and our opinions go here. So, let’s accept comments as opinion and not think that everyone is trying to be an expert with scientifically backed claims. Aside from that little issue, I smoked pot my whole pregnancy with my first child. About 2 bowls a day and I breast fed for 15 months. My baby had normal sleep patterns and growth patterns. Once she was out of that newborn stage, she slept like a champ! Napped 2-4 hours until she was 5. Learned her ABC’s and could count to 20 in English and 10 in Spanish at 2 years old and now we home school and she’s wrapping up 1st grade (reads at a 2nd grade level) while her age group just started 1st grade in public school. I’m expecting number 2 and my diet is better than last time, so watch out, world! Here comes MY babies! lol!

    • Hi Celeste…

      Have you ever watched the documentary ‘The Scientist’ – its one of the best ones out there on the topic of cannabis and children…
      Dr Mechoulam has been studying giving cannabis to newborn babies for decades..Have you considered healing you and your children with the oil? I have healed many adults, teenagers and children using the oil – (which I make from scratch and only using organic canna)

      On the internet, you’ll never know who’s an expert, and who’s trying to be one – I completely agree…

      In this case and on this subject, I am an expert. I was part of a team of researchers who worked in only one realm of researching cannabis – but I took that knowledge to the next level, and back in 1999, my research was part of my thesis.

      I offer my knowledge to the community here because I am a healer, and true healers share their wisdom, and will do anything to heal…
      but that’s not to say I know all and everything though – I’d bet that you’d probably be able to enlighten me on the topic if we were to sit down and chat about it…

      happy toking and happy life to your and your love bunch – peace & love


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