Cannabis and other psychedelics are wonderful tools to use in conjunction with meditation. The key is to know how you wish to incorporate these tools within your practice and methods. The possibilities are only limited by your own imagination. Marijuana and meditation both bring states of relaxation, clarity and euphoria, combining them seems natural in this world.

1. Wake, Bake, Meditate

meditation and marijuana

Lots of stoners wake and bake as a ritual to start their day. Pour a glass of water along with your morning toke then when you feel the relaxation of being high come over your body and mind find a comfortable place to rest outside on your porch, by a tree or in the morning sun and set your mind free for a couple of minutes.

The timing works well because you don’t have a full day of happenings to contemplate yet. Often times my days go smoother because I visualize how my day will go during this meditation and I set priorities without stress or tension clouding my judgment. Make sure you set aside a good chunk of time so you don’t feel rushed.

Marijuana’s ability to “distort” time makes it easier to sit for longer stretches of time, so light up on your path to enlightenment and enjoy the moment.

2. For The People Who Get Paranoia, Flip The Script

If marijuana makes you paranoid and brings up the doubting/judgmental voice in your head then this is the perfect time to sit and meditate. Many times when we meditate we have to go through the swirling thoughts that arise before we can reach that tranquil state full of knowing, love and acceptance.

If cannabis brings a certain paranoia or thought patterns, sit and listen. Your own consciousnesses is communicating with you giving you insights into who you are, who you believe you are and who you want to be. Embrace yourself, you are the sum of all your thoughts, feelings and actions.

3. End The Silence With A Bong Rip

Sometimes after a workout or a stretching routine I’ll sit comfortably for a meditation session. I enjoy meditation after physical activity because when you close your eyes or fix your gaze on a spot the blood flow within your body is apparent and it brings the feeling of being inside of yourself.

When I feel my consciousness return to this earthly experience and away from my meditative state I leisurely grind herb and pack my bong. I make sure to have all my utensils around me so I don’t have to go far from where I meditate. I inhale deeply and allow the weightlessness to come over my tired body, soothing my previously active muscles.

This bong rip to the dome brings, an at ease state of mind, into an euphoric existence. This helps extend and ground the meditative state I feel beyond the time of the session into my next activities and tasks.


  1. I love this article. .. its like it came straight from my brain. I feel the same way about my morning 420 meditative ritual. I find a good hybrid or indica can get me nice, deep and relaxed for meditation. Looking forward to hearing more. Keep up the great work.

    • Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying the material. We already know how great it can be for medicinal purposes and recreation. I’d definitely love to see more comments of how our readers use cannabis in their daily rituals.

  2. I’m loving this article! It confirms my practices. I recently researched it and read so many articles that disappoved of combining marihuana and meditation. Had me second guessing what I knew to be truth. Thank you. Namaste

    • I’m happy my article resonated with you. I’ve had some wonderful meditative sessions while stoned. The nature of being high lends itself to the practice of meditation. I wish you the best.


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