In this clip from Dirty Hands: The Art and Crimes of David Choe, Ice T describes the inspiration that pushes people out of their comfort zone. David Choe is mostly known for his awesome street art, but he’s also respected for saying “Fuck It” and living a lifestyle full of risks, failures, and rewards.

Well, to take risks you got to go, “Fuck It.” You know, most men who met their wives, it was a “Fuck It” before they walked up to her, it was that moment where she won’t talk to me, but “Fuck It,” I got to just take the risk, put myself past what I normally would do.

And there are certain people in life, like you say Hunter Thompson, that live in that – that realm of the edge, and everything else is boring, other people are like, how do you do it? You know you see mountain climbers, those mountain climbers are saying “Fuck It.” – Ice T




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