Joe Rogan talks about the common misconceptions that people have about cannabis.

Eddie Bravo Converted The Once Anti-Cannabis Joe Rogan

Back in Boston, the real problem was I hung out with a bunch of fucken idiots. The people that I knew that smoked pot were idiots and pot wasn’t helping them. If you got a little low watt brain and you super charge it with fucken jet fuel, you still got a low watt brain. So I associated pot with stupid people but then I meet this genius (Eddie Bravo) and he smokes pot all the time. I’m an open-minded person, and I’m willing to drop all preconceived notions that I have and go “Ok, I’ll try it”. I remember very clearly the day I got high with him. I remember that day going , “Fuuucck!!!” It was like I shot through a cannon and all of a sudden I was on the other side. He was like “Dude, glad to have you over here”. And I’m like “Glad to be over here. I can’t believe I was over there!” Shit, we had ice cream sundaes, I couldn’t believe how good it taste! Millions of new thoughts were just flooding my brain, it was like I was ripping down walls and shit was just flowing in.

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