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Dog Approved People Food, The Dog Whisperer

Before hooking your dog up with some food scraps, make sure that it's safe.

Eat Your Colors Every Day to Balance Your Diet (Guide)

Fight cancer, heart disease and the effects of aging by eating fruits and veggies of varied colors.

6 Biggest Dog Myths Debunked

The truth about common dog misconceptions.

The Most Powerful Food Combinations

Pairing certain foods has a stronger overall benefit.

Patrice O’Neal on Strong Women, Monogamy

The fisherman's sacrifice of loving only one fish.

A Journey Through The Known Universe (Video)

A projector or big ass TV is recommended for viewing.

Magic Mushrooms and Positive Personality Changes (Study)

Shroomin increases your openness and imagination.

Nutrition Tips To Boost a Healthy Sex Drive (Guide)

A list of vitamins and foods that promote better sexual health through proper nutrition.

Healthy Eating for People Who Hate Cooking (Guide)

How to make healthy meals with minimal effort.

Polyphasic Sleep Cycles Increase Waking Hours

Sleep less and gain more waking hours.

Aurora Borealis Orbital Time Lapse from Space, NASA Fly Over (Video)

Watching this on a projector may lead to instant space travel.

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