Patrice O’Neal On Unhappy Women Dating “Weak Men”

It’s like if you’re a great white shark. There’s male great whites and there’s female great whites. A lot of men try to date within our league. Most male sharks see female sharks and desire them. But some women go, “I hate the way male sharks treat female sharks so I’m now going to date these penguins or seals who look at me and run in fear. I’m gonna catch one and I’m not gonna eat it, but I’m just gonna play around with it and have this weaker animal who looks at me with fear and reverence.”

That’s why these quality strong women date these weak men. They think “I’m not gonna sit here and deal with other sharks” But after dating their food for a while, it gets to a point where they go “I fucken hate this guy. I hate what he is, he lets me do anything I want, I talk to him like he’s a piece of shit. I spit at him and he just does nothing. I’m gonna eat him.”

Then she wonders, “How do I feel like a woman?” She finds another shark and her natural shark instinct is try to challenge him like she does with her food. But the male shark says “Hey bitch, look, don’t talk to me like that, I don’t let no female sharks treat me like that. I gotta deal with niggas trying to hunt me, gotta deal with other male sharks trying to bite me. I gotta deal with you bitch? No, that Jaws music ain’t yours, that’s mine mothafucka.”


Patrice O’Neal On How Women Strip Their Men of Attractive Qualities

I just want my girl to know that my natural instincts stopped once I said I love her. I made a decision to be a “good guy”. I know that fucking a lot of women is bad for her. She don’t want it. She wants commitment and she wants monogamy and I give it to her and I just want her to know that, I want her to value the sacrifice. All I want is for women to understand what we are. We want a lot of fucken women.

It’s like being a fisherman, you go out there and try to catch fish. You catch the fish and you show it to your friends, you take a picture, you look at it, and you throw it back in the water. Your girl is a fish that jumped back on the boat after you threw it in the water. Because you caught her, she keeps jumping back on your boat.

Usually some fish get the idea they swim back into the ocean and hope you come back again to catch them but the fish that’s in your life was just flapping around your boat. She ran all the other fish off.

At some point you tell her “Look my job is to catch fish”

And she goes “What the fuck, is that all I am to you?”

And as a man that has this dichotomy, you say “No, no I’m not a piece of shit. You’re the last fish. I wanted to catch you”

Now you’re dating and in love and your girl says “Now that you love me…why do you still have your boat? And why do you still have your pole? And all your bait?”

And you say “So are you saying you want me to stop being what I was to get you? What that means, when I stop being what I am, you start to look at me and say “You aint even got a boat, that guy has a boat, you used to be this great fisherman”

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