While the Spanish culture certainly embraces their buds, it’s become clear that they do so in subtle and elegant ways. 

Barcelona Hemp Museum

The Barcelona Hemp Museum presents valuable paintings and prints depicting cannabis use throughout history and rare antiques, such as the various tools and implements used to make hemp into rope, paper and fabrics.

A medicinal section representing one of the world’s largest collections of medicinal cannabis bottles dating back to the 19th Century testifies to the widespread use of medicinal cannabis in the past.

Cannabis Social Clubs in Spain

Cannabis Social Clubs are private places where the social side of cannabis is encouraged since it is illegal in Spain to profit directly from it.

The clubs are formed by thousands of members, creating a strong pressure group supported by professionals and legislators as well as large plaintiffs firms and specialized doctors. A CSC is a social meeting place, a catalyst for art and culture in general, a “fix” on the loopholes to grow and use cannabis at a private place.

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