The idea of someone going from birth to the grave without ever having a psychedelic experience is like someone going from the birth to the grave without ever having a sexual experience. It means you never really played in the game. You were a spectator, a silent witness. It means that you never figured out what it was all about. – Terence McKenna

Sex provides a shared state of mental and physical euphoria, a psychedelic experience provides spiritual euphoria by opening the third eye and destroying all previous judgments and conditioning. Both experiences are necessary for living the story of a stoned ape on planet earth.


    • No, that’s impossible but if you have ever listened to one of his lectures or read something after him you would be AMAZED of the level of understanding he has of the world around him.

    • you’re dumb… you have no idea what Terence Mckenna was talking about… his theories of psychedelic experiences are based on physics, intergrated into empiricist philosophies which go way beyond your idea of understanding the earth… To understand this, you have to understand things such as the String Theory combined with the fact that all your sensory perception is an illusion in which the only true understanding of your mind comes from your third eye which is only found through meditation and deep pyschedelic states…

      • who to say this person doesnt understand things such as the string theory. why go about assuming? take in their perspective! 🙂 they didnt seem to be adressing terence mckennas theory specifically. just “trips” overall

      • Perception is not an illusion whatsoever. You can Illude or (DELUDE) Your state of mind or (state of being) with psychedelics or DREAMS, or any other Mind Altering substances compounds chemicals or illnesses, But when it comes to perception as an illusion, When i Say RED we all understand what the COLOR RED IS. When i say draw me a tree, ANYONE can DRAW ME A TREE AND THEY WILL ALL RESEMBLE AN ACUAL TREE. If You believe perception is an ILLUSION than you believe EVERY PERSON IN THE WORLD IS HAVING THE SAME ILLUSIONITIVE PERCEPTION. Which isnt only impossible its quite retarded. Our perception or whatever you want to call it, is our 5 senses and our brain working mechanically together to create what we see and here. Altered perception can come from drugs or even pictures or colors that our eyes cant fully understand so as to send mixed or (Spirally) messages to the brain. YOU ALL NEED A NEUROLOGY LESSON!!! GOD GAVE ALL OF US A WONDERFUL PERCEPTION AND WE ALL IN MY MIND HAVE THE RIGHT TO TEMPORARILY ALTER IT WITH DRUGS, BUT PERCEPTION ALTERING STATES OF MIND ARE JUST A DRUG INDUCED AWAKE DREAM STATE. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN SOBER AND WATCHED SOMEONE TRIP??? THEY LOOK LIKE A NON FUNCTIONAL HALF SLEEP STROKE Victim BECAUSE THERE BRAIN IS NOT FUNCTIONING AT FULL CAPACITY CAUSING SOME SENSORY GLANDS TO WORK SLOWER AND SOME FASTER CREATING A RUSH OF CERTAIN CHEMICALS THAT MAKE YOU SEE AND HEAR THINGS THAT ARE TRAPPED IN YOUR SUBCONSIOUS. ANYTHING YOU SEE OR HEAR IN A TRIP, IS SOMETHING YOU HAVE SEEN OR HEARD OR THOUGHT OF BEFORE THAT WAS TRAPPED IN YOUR SUB CONSCIOUS. YOUR BEING “ENLIGHTENED” BY WHAT YOUR MIND ALREADY KNOWS. Any Questions or Comments email me @

    •  A dmt induced trip is much more powerful than i mere dream. dreams are magical flashes of light entering your brain that pass in moments. But the trip, the trip is what you remember. the trip is what molds who you are when you come down. it changes the way your mind works sometimes for the better. but not always, and thus is the true question. will you take the risk?

  1. Until one has a complete meltdown of the ego in it’s entirety,where it simply does not exist in any shape or form,one cannot possibly hope to contemplate what this life really is in terms of true existence. 

  2. I have had one of these experiences myself. It’s like being on the path to spiritual enlightenment or the brink of total destruction of the mind and mind simultaneous. You over analyze your whole life in millions of different angles such as concepts like what you were meant for, why were you put here, are you following through and completing all the necessary steps of the life you were meant to have,

  3. What you learn most in this type of experience is everything about yourself. What you are and what you will be if change does or does not occur. Sometimes you see beauty and it a wonderful thing to see but sometimes you may not like what you see or what you may discover when trapped in trip that will not let you get past what you are.

  4. This is a matter of perspective. I’ve had hallucinogenic experiences and I’m still me. No “spiritual awakening”, no altered perception of the universe. I simply recognize it for what it was, a chemical compound temporarily altering the function of my brain. What it interesting? Yea. Was it a vision of “how things really are”? No. Reality is much more intense and enlightening than any drug induced stupor 

  5. In 1966, two “friends” secretly gave me LSD; I had never heard of LSD, or even “drugs” at the time, 5th grade. I tripped alone, in an empty house; my family had gone to the drive in theatre. I had NO idea what had happened to me until late 1968 when I heard the music of Jimi Hendrix. His sound told me he had been where I was “that day in May;” I investigated Hendrix, read about his like of LSD, I took 4 doses of Dr. Leary’s “White Lightning,” at the same time, and have used a variety of “psychedelic” (mind cleansing) substances. I wrote a movie script about that day in May; still not turned into a product; great story too; TRUE. I am now retired, healthy for my age, active, a former skilled craftsman, a semi-pro athlete, currently a musician, have always been a writer, am published internationally in a Psychological Journal, earth shaking study of sorts. I am an accomplished, poet, and a widely diversified person. Psychedelic experience is what changed my life; I was destined for an early death; and was also hit be a car; I should have died. I have not used anything other than THC and a little alcohol since 1974. I have a variety of psychedelic instrumental mind cleansing music CD’s that are available online under my name. One of my cd’s is affectionately called “When the Acid Wears Off” ALL of my CD’s are for the higher mind first and foremost; designed to help focused listeners seek insight. I am in preparation to make three new cd’s in diverse genre’s. Drugs are not supposed to make us be what we want to be, but to show us a different form of human potential perspective. Mushrooms are a key and an instrument in the progress of humanity that goes way back to the ancient Phrygians. Tantalus DID NOT “steal ambrosia” from the god’s; he simply wanted the masses to have the psychedelic experience, Zeus and his gang were opposed, and used violence and lies to control Tantalus.


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