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Dolphins Mirror Human Behavior Of Getting High By Altering Their Consciousness With Toxic Fish

Dolphins use toxins, which emerge from the puffer fish as part of its defense mechanism, for their own enjoyment.

Surreal Animal Illustrations, Iain Macarthur Art Gallery

Each masterful illustration, created through intricate pattern, depicts an animal geometrically.

It’s a Doggy Dogg World, Funny Dog GIFs (Gallery)

Ain't no fun if a doggy can't have none.

Psychedelic Animal GIFs Depicting Fun Facts

These psychedelic animal gifs present little known facts about our fellow earth dwelling friends.

Rare and Unusual Animals (Photo Gallery)

The uniqueness of each creature stimulates the imagination.

Animal Memes – Funny Animal Photo Gallery

These funny memes and animal pics will definitely have you cracking a smile.

GoPro Animal Vision, Amazing Scenes Captured in HD (Video)

The flexibility of the camera can be used to capture amazing scenes of animal behavior and perspective.

Animal Intelligence and Human Connections (Video)

The gap between animal intelligence and human understanding of that intelligence has begun to bridge.

Mantis Shrimp – Natural Psychedelic Vision and Awesomeness

The Mantis Shrimp has 16 color receptive cones, giving it natural psychedelic vision.

The Intelligent and Conscious Behavior of Dogs (Video)

Dogs have figured out human behavior better than our primate cousins.

Scientists Officially Recognize Animal Consciousness Equal to Humans

Animal Consciousness seems like a forgone conclusion at this point of our existence, but now it's official.

Dogs and Cats Trolling Kids, Gif Collection (Gallery)

When house pets troll, humans make GIFs.

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