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Funny Animal Photo Gallery #3

A bulldog rides a swing for your amusement.

Funny Animal Photo Gallery #2

Featuring a hungry pug, a monkey on shrooms, and a crazy chow chow.

Dog Approved People Food, The Dog Whisperer

Before hooking your dog up with some food scraps, make sure that it's safe.

Eternal Enemies – Lions Vs Hyenas, National Geographic Documentary (Video)

Lions own the jungle but they are challenged daily by vicious packs of hyenas that compete for prey.

Reindeers Crave Magic Mushrooms (Video)

How else did Santa get them to fly?

Gibbon Monkey Trolls Two Tigers (Video)

A monkey kicks two tigers out of his territory by trolling them.

Funny Animal Photo Gallery #1

Featuring a drunk cat and a dog in a maibox.

6 Biggest Dog Myths Debunked

The truth about common dog misconceptions.

The Differences Between Humans And Other Animals (Infographic)

Are humans the only animals with long term memory?

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