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Sketch Master Ilustrator, Kim Jung Gi Art Gallery

A collection of amazing detailed sketches drawn without using any references.

Incredible Living Paintings, Alexa Meade Art Gallery

Painting directly on the human body itself, Alexa Meade has successfully created an entirely new form of artistic expression.

The Best 3D Street Art (Photo Gallery, Video)

Enjoy these breath-taking photos of 3 Dimensional Street Art!

LSD Art Experiment, Acid Sketches (Photo Gallery)

What happens when you go down the rabbit hole with art supplies?

Fear and Loathing Illustrator, Ralph Steadman Psychedelic Art Gallery

Ralph Steadman is a cartoonist best known for his work with author Hunter S. Thompson, drawing pictures for several of his articles and books.

Psychedelic Spirit Paintings, Alex Grey Art Gallery

Alex Grey’s paintings can be described as a blend of sacred, visionary art and psychedelic art.

In The Fall – Animation on Ditching a Soul Sucking Job For Your Passion (Video)

With the exception of what simple pleasures you can cram in on weekends and evenings, working isn’t living, it’s a slow death.

Surreal Reality Distortion Paintings, Vladimir Kush Art Gallery

Kush uses trippy paintings to explore the themes of consciousness and human progress.

The Beatles’ Psychedelic Illustrator, Heinz Edelmann Art Gallery

Edelmann was the illustrator who created the hallucinogenic landscape of Pepperland as art director for Yellow Submarine.

Tattoos – A Permanent Art, PBS Feature (Video)

Three tattoo artists of different styles discuss their art with PBS' Off Book.

Psychedelic Technicolor Pop Icons, Technodrome1 Art Gallery

Technodrome1 takes pictures of your favorite icons and adds a hit of acid to them.

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