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Walk Hard – Positive Marijuana Warnings Scene (Video)

Dewey wants to join the reefer party.

Bong Smoking Session with Ron Swanson (Parks n Rec), Annie (Community), Lydia (Party Down) (Video)

During this smoking session, Ron Swanson gets a lot cooler and Annie gets a lot hotter.

Bambu, DJ Muggs (Cypress Hill) – Smoke Starter (KJ Song Rec)

DJ Muggs lays down a stoner beat for Bambu to blaze up.

Top 10 Greatest Stoner Athletes of All Time

Weed makes everything better including catching touchdowns passes, submitting opponents, and winning gold medals.

Grandma’s Boy – The Best of Super Stoner Dante

"I'm way too baked to drive to the devil's house."

Harold and Kumar – Kumar Marries Mary Jane, Bag of Weed Scene (Video, Gifs)

Kumar finds out why Mary Jane can't be tied down.

Scientists Map The Cannabinoid Receptors in The Human Brain (Video)

Cannabinoid receptors are the densest receptors in the brain, proving that our minds naturally crave marijuana.

Cab Calloway – Reefer Man, Uptempo Jazz Performance (Video)

Back in the 30s when the world was black and white, Cab and his band were still smoking greens and getting high as fuck.

Hottest Stoner Girls In Movies and TV (Photo Gallery)

Before Mila Kunis became a huge star, she was just a stoner girl toking in Eric Forman's basement.

Cannabinoid Receptors – BBC Horizon, Cannabis. The Evil Weed? (Video)

Our brains exist with a way to receive what cannabis offers through cannabinoid receptors.

Carl Sagan On the Importance of Medical Marijuana (Video)

Is it rational to forbid patients who are dying from taking marijuana as a palliate to permit them to gain body weight and to get food down?

Barack Obama’s Stoner Career Highlights

Obama has to pretend he's anti marijuana for now, but he's really looking out for stoners.

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