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Cannabis CBD For Pets, A Possible Solution to Treat Anxiety and Inflammation

A mounting number of dog owners say the Cannabis is easing their animals' anxiety and chronic pain.

Disabled Dog Experiences First Run with 3D Printed Legs (Video)

A set of custom designed 3D printed prosthetic legs allows Derby to run and play, just like any normal dog.

Dogs Hallucinate After Licking Cane Toads (Video)

Some dogs are so desperate for a fix they deliberately hunt down the frogs to stimulate the excretion of the psychedelic sweat, then lick their prey.

The Trip Zoo, Psychedelic Animal GIFs

Having a psychedelic experience isn't just for humans.

It’s a Doggy Dogg World, Funny Dog GIFs (Gallery)

Ain't no fun if a doggy can't have none.

Animal Memes – Funny Animal Photo Gallery

These funny memes and animal pics will definitely have you cracking a smile.

GoPro Animal Vision, Amazing Scenes Captured in HD (Video)

The flexibility of the camera can be used to capture amazing scenes of animal behavior and perspective.

The Intelligent and Conscious Behavior of Dogs (Video)

Dogs have figured out human behavior better than our primate cousins.

The Westminster Dog Show… On Acid! – VICE Documentary

Dog Shows & Acid - A winning combination!

Dogs and Cats Trolling Kids, Gif Collection (Gallery)

When house pets troll, humans make GIFs.

Animals Trolling Life, Gif Collection (Gallery)

The essentials of animal living: food, water, shelter, and trolling.

Vet Clinic Endorses Medical Marijuana For Pets in Pain

Medical marijuana adds to its growing list of benefits by helping sick and aging dogs.

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