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Breakbot – Funky Disco Mix Sets (KJ Song Rec)

Just try not to bust a move while listening to these mixes, Breakbot is sure to get your body rocking.

Breakbot – Jesus Doppelganger Gets Down with Funk Music! (KJ Song Rec)

A little Daft Punkish with more funk and soul, Breakbot's style has an irresistible groove.

Daft Punk – 17 Funky Tracks Playlist (KJ Song Rec)

The electric funky sounds of Daft Punk send pulses through your body making you groove and get down.

Doin’ It Right, Soul Train Dance Gifs That Will Funk You Up

You're next in the Soul Train line, can you out-do these funky ass dance moves?

DJ Mark Farina – Mushroom Jazz (KJ Song Rec)

The perfect musical addition to any psychedelic journey.

Menahan Street Band – Best Hits From a Stoner Funk and Soul Group (KJ Song Rec)

The instrumental sounds of the Menahan Street Band will enhance your smoking sessions.

Shuggie Otis – Inspiration Information (KJ Song Rec)

This album was overlooked in 1974, but we're still grooving with Shuggie Otis today.

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