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The Stoner Circle – That ’70s Show Gif Collection

Most important rule of the circle: don't break the rotation.

The Best Bits of Mr. Bean (Video)

Mr. Bean and Teddy go into the loft in search of an umbrella. Whilst looking, Bean uncovers various items that cause rib-tickling flashbacks of his past exploits.

It’s Always Dark in the Soul of Dennis Reynolds (GIFs, Video)

Time to pay tribute to the sociopathic gentleman Dennis Reynolds from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

It’s a Doggy Dogg World, Funny Dog GIFs (Gallery)

Ain't no fun if a doggy can't have none.

The Absurd Humor of a Naked Gun, Leslie Nielsen GIFs Collection

Classic Leslie Nielson moments immortalized in GIF form.

Psychedelic Animal GIFs Depicting Fun Facts

These psychedelic animal gifs present little known facts about our fellow earth dwelling friends.

Rafi the Lovable Maniac, The League (GIFs, Video)

Rafi from The League is a charming, lovable, stone-cold maniac.

Dwight K. Schrute Compilation (Photos, Gifs, Video)

Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica!

Tobias Fünke – Fully Exposed (GIFs, Photo Gallery, Video)

The Best of Tobias, what more could you possibly want!

Party Down – Stoner Comedy Collection (GIFs, Photo Gallery)

A stoner comedy that follows a Los Angeles catering team and their absurd clients.

Demetri Martin – One Liner Joke Gifs

Short jokes, big laughs.

Dogs and Cats Trolling Kids, Gif Collection (Gallery)

When house pets troll, humans make GIFs.

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