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Creative Loafing Trolls UFC Fighters About Getting Hit in the Face (Video)

Rashad says getting knocked out feels like camera shake during a movie.

Russian Citizens Troll Police with Hugs and Kisses (Video)

A different approach to protesting police corruption.

Funny Boxing Trainer Clowns His Rich Unathletic Students (Video)

Former Boxing Champion turned trainer, Eric Kelley has no tolerance for whack skills at his gym.

The Hilarious World of Midget Pro Wrestling (Video)

The funniest and toughest little dudes in the world.

Funny Animals Stealing Food From People Compilation (Video)

Animals will steal food from babies, they love easy mode.

Gangsta Puppies Perform “Still” by the Geto Boys (Video)

If you step on a puppy's turf, you will pay the consequences.

Come Upstairs – Funny Honest Intentions After a First Date (Video)

The game of give and take that plays out after the first meeting.

Raphael, The Ninja Turtle Gangsta (Video)

Raphael is too much of a gangster to tolerate bullshit.

Everest College Commercial, Ghetto Parody (Video)

If you're really about your paper and looking to up your pimp game 2000 percent, sign up for Everest College.

Cheech & Chong, Nice Dreams – My Balls Itch, Nuthouse Scene (Video)

Cheech goes crazy in a mental hospital when he can't scratch his balls.

Hilarious Salvia Trip – Russell Sees Aliens (Video)

Russell tries salvia for the first time and loses his shit when he thinks he's being abducted by aliens.

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