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Poetry in Motion, Animated Street Art Gallery

The street art can stand on it's own but the messages are given an extra boost with motion.

Surreality GIFs by Bill Domonkos (Gallery)

Domonkos' surreal GIFs are created using archival photos and vintage film footage, effectively smacking reality in the face, leaving us with a sense of the impossible made surreal.

Psychedelic Geometric GIFs by David Whyte

Whyte’s minimalistic use of geometric shapes and psychedelic color places an increased emphasis on motion.

The Stoner Circle – That ’70s Show Gif Collection

Most important rule of the circle: don't break the rotation.

The Trip Out Gallery – Bizarre Psychedelic Animated GIFs

Inspired by so-called impossible objects and sacred geometry, these animated GIF's are a trip.

Phenakistoscope – The Psychedelic Birth of Animation, Art Gallery

The simple gadget relied on the persistence of vision principle to display the illusion of psychedelic imagery in motion.

Chemical Reactions, GIFs Collection

For every action there is a reaction and these gifs will definitely get a reaction out of you.

Psychedelic Animal GIFs Depicting Fun Facts

These psychedelic animal gifs present little known facts about our fellow earth dwelling friends.

Frozen Film Scenes, Movie Cinemagraph GIFs Collection (Photo Gallery)

Cinemagraphs are GIF images that combine still photography and video to produce a dope effect.

Perfectly Looping and Psychedelic Trippy GIFs (Photo Gallery)

Perfectly looping gifs are animated images that seamlessly blend the beginning and end for a continuous loop.

Amazing Athletic Feats, Gif Collection (Gallery)

These amazing feats of team work and athletic prowess are raising the bar for all human kind.

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