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Terence McKenna – Cannabis Edibles and Creativity, Animation (Video)

Eating large doses of cannabis changes it into an extremely powerful psychedelic experience.

Bring on the Learning Revolution – Sir Ken Robinson Ted Talk (Video)

It's time revolutionize education towards a model that builds an environment where children may explore their true talents and passions.

Using Psychedelics For Creativity and Problem Solving – Jason Silva (Video)

Psychedelics helps to pull ourselves out of context in order to gawk in amazement at the wonders of the world

Magic Mushrooms Mimics Effects of Meditation – Dr. Roland Griffiths (Video)

If meditation represents the systematic "tried and true course" of exploring the mind and self, psilocybin represents the "crash course".

Schools Kill Creativity – Sir Ken Robinson Ted Talk (Video)

Humans become a valuable part of a whole when they understand their individual value, skills and passions.

Close the Doors that Lead You Nowhere – Paulo Coelho

Leave the paths that no longer fit your life.

Terence McKenna – Return to Our Stoned Shaman Core of Mystery and Imagination (Video)

Dance, body art, psychedelics, and other anti conformity phenomena will heal and return us to our bond with nature.

Magic Mushrooms and Positive Personality Changes (Study)

Shroomin increases your openness and imagination.

How Drugs Helped Invent The Internet – Jason Silva Interview (Video)

Technological progress is giving humans the control to direct their own evolution.

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