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Twitter Reacts to the Legalization of Marijuana for Recreational Use in Colorado and Washington

Cannabis is outgrowing the shackles of misinformation and propaganda.

Joe Rogan – Cannabis Takes Away Motivation To Do Things That Suck (Video)

Rogan talks about the common misconceptions that people have about cannabis.

Joe Rogan – Nationalism is Primitive, Society is Funded by War (Video)

Artificial boundaries and fake conflicts are used to control the world for profit.

Joe Rogan – How Hemp Became Illegal, DMT Reset Button (Video)

Hemp, a gift from nature. DMT, a gift from your pineal gland. Both of them are illegal because of their positive uses.

Joe Rogan – Interviews on DMT Trip Experiences and Isolation Tanks (Video)

Joe Rogan explains why everyone needs to meet the spirit molecule, DMT.

Joe Rogan – The Mind in a Sensory Deprivation Tank (Video)

"And then it's pure thought, it's like the mind completely untethered from the body and then I start contemplating everything, I start contemplating the universe,.."

Joe Rogan, Eddie Bravo on Pot Head Losers, Propaganda (Video)

Conversation about weed and the "loser image".

Intro to the Isolation Tank (Floatation Sensory Deprivation)

What happens when the mind is isolated?

Bobby Lee Animated Mad TV Stories (Joe Rogan Podcast) (Video)

Hilarious tales from the Mad TV set.

Joe Rogan on the Marijuana and Paranoia Relationship (Video)

Is it the weed or is it you? Find out why being paranoid can be a good thing.

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