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Scientists Induce Lucid Dreaming With Electrical Stimulation (Study)

Researchers discover how to induce lucid dreaming by stimulating the lower gamma band during REM sleep. Are effective commercial lucid dream-inducing devices on the horizon?

Dream Analysis: Common Dream Symbols and Their Meanings

What does it mean when you dream you are falling? Interpret your dreams with the help of this collection of common dream symbols.

Binaural Beats: A Digital Auditory Drug for Mind Enhancement & Optimization (Video)

Improve your meditations, concentration, and ability to relax with this free digital auditory drug.

The Science of Lucid Dreaming Methods Used by Richard Feynman (Video)

Keep your imagination awake as your body slips into sleep.

Shortcut to Astral Projection With a Candle (Video)

The shortcut method involves focusing on the outer glow around the flame of a candle.

Lucid Dreaming Quick Cheat Sheet (Guide)

Easy to use guide on how to enter the lucid dream state.

Polyphasic Sleep Cycles Increase Waking Hours

Sleep less and gain more waking hours.

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