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Monkey Business – Jobs for Primates (Video)

These short documentaries feature people who work with monkeys and apes around the world.

Bonobo Ape Starts a Fire with Matches to Roast Marshmallows (Video)

The behavior shows how similar we are to our primate family and is another great example of animal intelligence.

GoPro Animal Vision, Amazing Scenes Captured in HD (Video)

The flexibility of the camera can be used to capture amazing scenes of animal behavior and perspective.

Funny Animals Wearing Glasses Photo Gallery

Don't mess with a dog wearing Macho Man glasses.

Animals Illuminated by Sunset (Photo Gallery)

The rich bright gold, pink and orange colors make unusually beautiful pictures of animals illuminated by the sun.

The Monkey Ladder Experiment – Following False Beliefs (Comic Strip)

Question everything. Think of all the age-old idiocy and insanity waiting to be exposed.

Monkey Vs Bulldog Situps Contest (Video)

Pan-kun (Chimp) and James (Bulldog) try to measure their fitness by doing situps.

Neil deGrasse Tyson – Maybe We’re Not As Smart As We Think We Are (Video)

We have one percent difference from chimps and we’re building the Hubble telescope. Go another one percent.

Baby Monkey Rides a Wild Pig, Backwards (Video)

Baby monkey gets angry if you take away his hog.

Funny Animals Stealing Food From People Compilation (Video)

Animals will steal food from babies, they love easy mode.

African Animals Get Drunk From Eating Marula Fruit (Video)

Alcohol falls from the trees and the animals can't resist.

Our Ancestors Were Aquatic Apes – Elaine Morgan Ted Talk (Video)

Living in the water may explain why humans look so different from other primates.

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