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Wilfred – Opening Quotes Final Season, Themes of a Stoner Dog Best Friend

Wilfred's epic run may have come to an end, but it's sagelike wisdom continues.

Living to Work – Waking Life (Video)

It's bad enough that you sell your waking life for minimum wage, but now they get your dreams for free.

Greatest Stoners in Movie History (Video)

These stoner roles represent the best part of getting baked: having fun with your friends.

Trippy Psychedelic Films #2 (List)

Enter the Void and Pink Floyd's the Wall are some of the trippiest feature films to ever grace the big screen!

Trippy Psychedelic Films (List)

Chill out with some of the trippiest feature films to ever grace the big screen.

The Best Bits of Mr. Bean (Video)

Mr. Bean and Teddy go into the loft in search of an umbrella. Whilst looking, Bean uncovers various items that cause rib-tickling flashbacks of his past exploits.

A Stoner Tribute to Freaks and Geeks (Photo Gallery)

All of the movies relate in my mind in that way, as the continuous adventures of those characters. - Judd Apatow

It’s Always Dark in the Soul of Dennis Reynolds (GIFs, Video)

Time to pay tribute to the sociopathic gentleman Dennis Reynolds from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

The Absurd Humor of a Naked Gun, Leslie Nielsen GIFs Collection

Classic Leslie Nielson moments immortalized in GIF form.

Frozen Film Scenes, Movie Cinemagraph GIFs Collection (Photo Gallery)

Cinemagraphs are GIF images that combine still photography and video to produce a dope effect.

Rafi the Lovable Maniac, The League (GIFs, Video)

Rafi from The League is a charming, lovable, stone-cold maniac.

15 Best Twilight Zone Episodes for Stoners

From Rod Serling’s smoke-filled introductions, to the inevitable twist ending, the Twilight Zone is a classic series for stoners.

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