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Psychedelic Watercolor Paintings, Guillem Mari Art Gallery

Mari's distinct watercolor style has gotten a lot of attention, especially for its trippy undertones.

Music and Psychedelic Visions, Tokio Aoyama Art Gallery

An artist who paints with a combination of metaphysical, spiritual, and music themes, Tokio Aoyama hails from a tiny town in the north of Japan.

Beauty – Classical Paintings Are Brought To Life With Animation (Video)

Beauty has been invoked, re-figured and described since antiquity as a fleeting moment of happiness, doomed from the start to a redemptive, yet tragic end.

TTK Hip Hop Paintings, Surreal Art Gallery

After success as a sneaker artist, TTK shifted his focus to evolving the collections of his surreal canvas-based paintings.

Satire and Social Commentary Paintings, Paul Kuczynski Art Gallery

Paul Kuczynski uses his paintings to convey concerns about social issues.

Incredible Movie Paintings, Justin Reed Art Gallery

Justin Reed doesn't just create paintings of awesome movies, he brings them to life.

El Mac, Photorealistic Street Art Gallery

Known for his monumental portraits, street artist El Mac has painted faces on walls, buildings, and canvases all over the world.

Pavel Tchelitchew, Surreal Paintings Art Gallery

Tchelitchew's paintings suggest the transcendence of the spirit over material substance.

Frida Kahlo Paintings, Art Gallery & Video

Frida Kahlo's ubiquitous pain fueled her unusual paintings.

Psychedelics Influenced the Origins of Prehistoric Cave Paintings?

People who explore their consciousness with psychedelics tend to find magic in simple details.

Psychedelic Spirit Paintings, Alex Grey Art Gallery

Alex Grey’s paintings can be described as a blend of sacred, visionary art and psychedelic art.

Surreal Reality Distortion Paintings, Vladimir Kush Art Gallery

Kush uses trippy paintings to explore the themes of consciousness and human progress.

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