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Remedios Varo – Surreal Goddess of Psychedelic Art

Remedios' art resembles the world of dreams; she attempts to represent the internal state of the soul externally through her paintings.

Merging Views of Paint and Sculpture, Giant Robot Art Gallery

Merging Views featured the contrasting art work of great artists from Los Angeles and beyond.

Enchanting Photos of Mushrooms in Their Element (Photo Gallery)

Why does fungus come in small groups? Because there isn’t Mushroom... I’m sorry that was in Spore taste...

Phenakistoscope – The Psychedelic Birth of Animation, Art Gallery

The simple gadget relied on the persistence of vision principle to display the illusion of psychedelic imagery in motion.

Best Psychedelic Videos to Watch While Tripping (Video)

Highly artistic visual creations accompanied by appropriate musical scores to enhance any psychedelic trip.

Psychedelic Audio Visualizers (Video)

A digital explosion of color and sound to enhance your psychedelic trip.

Dran – The French Banksy, Art Gallery

Dran's ability to combine his whimsical artistic style with criticisms of society is one of the reasons he's known as The French Banksy.

Artist Creates Psychedelic Scenes in Art Studio Without Photoshop (Photo Gallery)

Jee Young Lee's surreal art installations are all created by hand in a small studio space.

The Elephant’s Garden, Psychedelic Animals Animation (Video)

Is that a Dragon Lion smoking a joint? Yes it is! The trippy group of unearthly but familiar beasts express their biological functions through psychedelic beauty.

Trippy Ceramic Sculptures by Johnson Tsang (Photo Gallery)

Combining realism and the surreal, Tsang's work is a trip.

Bo Saris – The Addict, Psychedelic Soul (KJ Song Rec)

The soulful sound of Saris is a fitting match with the psychedelic visual effects of "The Addict".

LSD ABC, Psychedelic Alphabet Animation (Video)

Unlike Sesame Street, this trip takes on psychedelic subject matter not fit for squares.

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