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There is Only One Energy in the Universe and You’re It – Alan Watts

Alan Watts suggests that humans created a superior being to worship out of fear and uncertainty.

Fractals – The Hidden Dimension That Designs Our Universe (Documentary)

You may not know it, but fractals, like the air you breathe, are all around you.

Psychedelic Audio Visualizers (Video)

A digital explosion of color and sound to enhance your psychedelic trip.

Dran – The French Banksy, Art Gallery

Dran's ability to combine his whimsical artistic style with criticisms of society is one of the reasons he's known as The French Banksy.

How Do Psilocybin Mushrooms Reduce Brain Activity of the Ego? (Video)

Decreasing brain activity that generates a sense of "self" allows our consciousness to expand.

Bill Hicks – Marijuana Should Be Mandatory (Video)

Shit, not only do I think marijuana should be legalized. I think it should be mandatory. I'm a hard liner. - Bill Hicks

Pictures of Earth from Space (Photo Gallery)

Take a step back and view the Earth from a rare and distant vantage point.

Alan Watts – Thinking is a Good Servant, But a Bad Master (Video)

Too much mental chatter can trap you in a world of illusion.

Alan Watts – Creating Who You Are (Video)

Why don't you really know what you want?

Alan Watts – The Way of Waking Up (Video)

It's a question fundamentally: Do you define yourself as a victim of the world, or as the world?

Technological Advances Pave The Way To A New Reality

Our brightest minds and unstoppable doers bring about a new way of living.

Alan Watts – Voluntary Versus Involuntary Choices. Are We Really In Control? (Video)

You are not only a part of the big picture, you are the big picture.

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